St Petersburg SEO


In St Petersburg SEO should be based on backlinks. These can be the most important part of a search engine optimization process. The focus should be the quality and number of backlinks that website receives from other sites online. While this used to be the one huge ranking factor that overruled everything else when it came to successfully ranking, this technique fell out of favor after the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, in part because Google hammered marketers who were intentionally gaming the system with keyword anchored backlinks.

Google’s action led to the rumor that backlinks are SEO poison, period. They are not. Backlinks are much more complicated now. A huge number of bad ones will indeed sink a website while getting just a few quality links can shoot a website in many niches from page 5 to the top of page 1. Having backlinks that work for you begins with knowing how to build correct ones for your website.

Understanding the Right Type of Backlinks

The first step is not just creating backlinks, but it is all about knowing how to set up the right type of link. St Petersburg FL businesses should avoid using a lot of keyword anchored text when linking back, to the point where you should very rarely use anchor text that is an actual keyword. You want to use your brand name, your website or blog name, or even your URL as the anchor text the majority of the time. Every so often a hidden keyword anchor text like “John Doe’s great KEYWORD blog” can be an excellent tool – and you want to save those for a high-quality guest post or a powerful support site you build yourself if at all possible.

In St Petersburg SEO will fail if your backlinks come from “bad neighborhood” websites or spam sites. In addition to that, your ideal backlinks should come from two sources: social media and from quality sites in your niche or a closely related niche. This differentiation in power is what Action Gem specialists refer to when they talk about context, and quality links are crucial to the success of any link building SEO effort!

Creating Your Building Blocks

The first St Petersburg Florida businesses should take advantage of are the social media website backlinks. These are among the safest backlinks you can have (really the only way you get into trouble is creating 100’s of these through fake accounts and spamming). Use your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts to get links not only to your main website URL – but also to individual pages and blog posts to strengthen the interior pages. The internal links increase Google’s perception of the power of each page.

The next step is to look at building some simple web 2.0 sites based around your main topic or similar topics. The content still needs to be original, high quality, and good enough to get Google’s attention. Some examples are Tumblr, Blogspot, HubPages, or Wizzley. Although, there are over 500, and these are places where you can create a quality website to give backlinks to your main site to improve the rankings. Even a few of these self-created backlinks can quickly effect your rankings, especially when developed slowly and correctly over time.

Comment links are the next step. Leave comments on blogs in related fields. Your purpose is not to include a URL or backlink, but to add to the discussion. Many blogs allow for a backlink via your name to a website. Don’t keyword stuff the name, just use a brand name or your name. Comment links should point to both your primary site and the support sites. Creating about 10 per week per website is about the right rate.

Finally, you need to learn to make a few good YouTube videos. Target some longtail keywords related to your niche and make good videos while including a link back to your website. There’s a good chance those videos will rank for the longtail keywords, and that makes them powerful (and safe) links back to your main website.